Incredible Me

Helping Children With Severe & Complex Learning Issues

Helping children with severe & complex learning needs to shine

Incredible Me works to secure funding and provide parental support for the children who attend the Oasis Academy Long Cross Resource Base in Lawrence Weston, Bristol: one of the most deprived areas in the country.

Our goal is to see them thrive and reach their full potential.

Our goals

We have three main goals:

  1. Offer information and family support
  2. Develop play and leisure activities
  3. Provide educational resources

Who do we support?

Incredible Me supports children with severe and complex learning difficulties and advises and supports their parents.

We want every child who attends Long Cross Resource Base to get the support they deserve, with their parents receiving all the resources they need to care for them effectively.

This work is extremely personal to us. Below, learn more about what we do (and why we do it).

Long Cross Resource Base appeal

Our children attend Long Cross Resource Base in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK.

It’s an outstanding base, but it doesn’t get the investment it needs. This is why Incredible Me is seeking funding to develop a new sensory playground and motion area.

With your help, we can ensure that the children receive the best possible education. Visit our donations page below to learn more about our Long Cross Resource Base playground appeal.

Resources for parents

It’s hard to deal with authorities to get the education, healthcare and social care that children with severe and complex learning needs are entitled to. It’s also expensive, costing on average £581 more per month per child than care for a non-disabled child. That’s why we provide resources to help UK parents navigate the process.

We’ve been through it to help our children, and we’ve gleaned a lot of insight along the way. We hope you can use that insight to make life easier for your children.

Our supporters

Incredible Me is a UK charity, and we depend on the generosity of UK supporters and benefactors to help us in our cause. These are the organisations we’re grateful to:

Fisher Design

Find out more about Fisher Design.

Seeker Digital

Find out more about Seeker Digital.

The Independent Pharmacy

Find out more about The Independent Pharmacy.