Your donations help children with severe and complex learning needs achieve their potential

Every child deserves the same resources and opportunities. With your help, we support children with severe learning difficulties, working to level the playing field.

Financial support for children with severe and complex learning needs is slow to arrive and often inadequate

At Incredible Me, we work to help parents get the correct government and local authority support, but we also raise further resources to make life better for children with severe learning difficulties.

Our current focus is on funding a new sensory and motion playground at the Long Cross Resource Base, a school in Lawrence Weston, Bristol (one of the most deprived areas in the UK). With over 56% of local residents living in flats, many of our children don’t have access to gardens or play spaces at home. This is why it’s so important for the school to be able to offer these resources.

The total cost of this project is £107,790.

We can reach this goal with your help. By making a donation today through the form below, you can change the lives of the children at Long Cross Resource Base.

How your support makes a difference to the lives of with children with severe and complex learning needs

Long Cross Resource Base is an exceptional school with outstanding teachers and learning assistants, and it massively improves the lives of its pupils and their parents. In fact, the school community is like one big family, with everyone battling to make things better.

Sadly, though, it operates in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the country (Lawrence Weston ranks in the bottom 5% for the UK). Together with the fact that the children need a lot of care and support every day, this means that the highly-skilled staff members who educate our children don’t get the extra resources they desperately need.

With your help, they could do even more. Every one of your donations gets us one step closer to funding a new playground for Long Cross Resource Base – a playground perfect for children with severe and complex learning needs.

Where your donations are going

The motion area

  • In-Ground Trampoline – £8,745
  • Spinning Cups – £5,990
  • Sensory Spinner (Pair) – £995
  • Pull Up Bars – £745
  • Get, Set, Go! Blocks – £2,995
  • In-Out Shapes (Set of Three) – £1,985
  • Giant Sensory Den – £2,195
  • Sensory Arbour – £4,395
  • Sensory Pathway – £1,650
  • Bow Top Timber Fencing and Access Gate – £2,240

The sensory area

  • Freestanding Timber Canopy – £18,490
  • Covered Sand Box – Large – £945
  • Sensory Spinner (Pair) – £995
  • Giant Mirror on Posts – £795
  • Corner Planter – £1,045
  • Sensory Outdoor Classroom Porthole Fencing – £8,270


  • Wetpour Rubber Surfacing – £18,375
  • Playturf Artificial Grass – £26,940

The people at Long Cross Resource Base – the children, the parents, and the staff members – deserve better

With your generosity, we’ll be able to ensure that the children at Long Cross Resource Base have the opportunity to make great strides in an educational environment that caters to their unique requirements. 

If you can make a donation today, then please do. It doesn’t matter if you can’t offer much. Any amount will further our cause, helping us give some wonderful children the learning experiences they need.

Please keep in mind that your money goes directly to the cause: there are no administrative costs, and we take nothing to support our operational expenses. Thank you for anything you can contribute.